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Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court - Louis J. Perret
Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court - Louis J. Perret


  1. What is the difference between a Birth Certificate and a Birth Card?
    • The Birth Certificate contains additional detailed information. A Birth Card is a short abbreviated form.

  2. How long does it take to print the Birth Record?
    • The Birth Record is printed within a few minutes of applying.

  3. Can anyone purchase my Birth Record?
    • No, only the applicant or an immediate family member, with pictured ID can purchase your Birth Record.

  4. I was born in another state; can you print my Birth Record?
    • No, we can only generate Birth Records for individuals who were born in the state of Louisiana.

  5. Can you print Death Certificates?
    • No, we cannot print death certificates. You will need to contact Vital Records.


  1. How do I change my last name?
    • In order to change official documents a certified copy of the marriage license will be required. This document costs $6.00 (cash or check) and can be prepaid when the marriage license is purchased.

  2. Do we both have to come in to get the marriage license?
    • Only if entering into a Covenant Marriage.

  3. Do we have to take a blood test to get married?
    • No, blood work is no longer required.

  4. How long is a marriage license good for?
    • An unused Marriage license is valid for only 30 days and there is a 72 hour waiting period once issued.

  5. If I am not getting married in Lafayette Parish can I still obtain the license there?
    • Yes, the license can be purchased and used anywhere in the state of Louisiana.


  1. How long does it take for a passport to come in?
    • Currently it is taking 4-6 weeks for a routine passport and 3 weeks for an expedited passport.

  2. Do you take passport pictures?
    • No. Photos can be taken any place where passport pictures are taken. Keep in mind no headgear or uniforms can be worn when taking your passport picture.